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Disease resistance of eucalypt clones to Ceratocystis manginecans

N. M. Chi, D. N. Quang, N. T. Anh, B. D. Giang, C. N. Anh Journal of Tropical Forest Science, 35 (1):1-9(2023) Ceratocystis manginecans is causing serious damage to Eucalyptus plantations in Vietnam. When the stems of 8-month-old ramets of two widely-planted Eucalyptus clones were inoculated with nine C. manginecans …

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Time-dependent Change of Host by Nematicide Tree Injection and Pine Wood Nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus Inoculation in Two Pine Species, Pinus densiflora and P. thunbergii

Jae-hyuk Choi, Jong-woon Lee, Ho-wook Lee, Cheol Jang, Yi Seul Kim, Mwamula Abraham Okki, Nguyen Manh Ha, Jong Kyu Lee, Haerim Han, Young Woo Nam, DongWoon Lee Korean Journal of Pesticide Science, 26(1), 43-54. Abstract Pine wood nematode (PWN), Bursaphelenchus xylophilus is an economically important plant-parasitic nematode that causes wilting …

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Root rot pathogens of Cinnamomum cassia in Vietnam

Quynh N. Dang, Treena I. Burgess, Jen McComb, Thu Q. Pham, Binh V. Le, Thu H. Nguyen, Xuan T. Le, Giles E. StJ. Hardy Plant Phathology, 71(9):1969-1979 Abstract A study was conducted to determine the pathogens causing root rot, wilt and dieback disease of Cinnamomum cassia (Chinese cinnamon or cassia) in Vietnam, in nurseries and plantations in the …

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Latitude, Elevation, and Mean Annual Temperature Predict Peat Organic Matter Chemistry at a Global Scale

Brittany A. Verbeke, Louis J. Lamit, Erik A. Lilleskov, Suzanne B. Hodgkins, Nathan Basiliko, Evan S. Kane, Roxane Andersen, Rebekka R. E. Artz, Juan C. Benavides, Brian W. Benscoter, Werner Borken, Luca Bragazza, Stefani M. Brandt, Suzanna L. Bräuer, Michael A. Carson, Dan Charman, Xin Chen, Beverley R. Clarkson, Alexander R. Cobb, Peter Convey, Jhon del Águila Pasquel, Andrea S. Enriquez, Howard Griffiths, Samantha P. Grover, Charles F. Harvey, Lorna I. Harris, Christina Hazard, Dominic Hodgson, Alison M. …

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Extensive morphological and behavioural diversity among fourteen new and seven described species in Phytophthora Clade 10 and its evolutionary implications

Jung, T.; Milenković, I.; Corcobado, T.; Májek, T.; Janoušek, J.; Kudláček, T.; Tomšovský, M.; Nagy, Z.Á.; Durán, A.; Tarigan, M.; Sanfuentes von Stowasser, E.; Singh, R.; Ferreira, M.; Webber, J.F.; Scanu, B.; Chi, N.M.; Thu, P.Q.; Junaid, M.; Rosmana, A.; Baharuddin, B.; Kuswinanti, T.; Nasri, N.; Kageyama, K.; Hieno, A.; Masuya, H.; Uematsu, S.; Oliva, J.; Redondo, M.; Maia, C.; Matsiakh, I.; Kramarets, V.; O’Hanlon, R.; Tomić, Ž.; Brasier, C.M.; Horta Jung, M. Persoonia 49, 2022: 1 – 57 Abstract During extensive surveys of …

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